Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 21st Callback Session

It is November 20th, and I am in the middle of the first semester - teaching AP Physics, Introductory Physics, and Statistics at Bancroft school. I have presented about my summer experience at a faculty meeting and at an Upper school assembly. It looked like the Biophotonics program sparkled a lot of interest in our community. The assembly was attended by all Upper school students and faculty. Also, from my meetings during parent/teacher conferences it appeared that the students shared the information about my presentation with their parents. After the presentation, some of the students approached me and asked me to explain in more detail the phenomenon of surface plasmon resonance. To my horror I realized that I myself did not know sufficiently enough about SPR to feel comfortable in explaining it to the students. So, I just gave them some basics that I knew, and decided to spend some time soon on becoming more knowledgeable in this area.
I have not had a chance of teaching my RET lesson yet because we teach optics to introductory physics students in the second semester. Currently, we study Newton's laws and forces, and will move to optics probably in February-March.
About STEM leadership: I would love to have some guidance on becoming a STEM leader. Currently, my expertise in STEM leadership is about at the same level as my expertise in SPR. I hope we will be provided with some examples/training/real-life examples on STEM leadership during our callback sessions.