Monday, July 25, 2011 the ellipsometry saga continues...

The first three weeks were gone and...can you believe it? I am still excited! Ellipsometry? Fun! SAM layers? Fun!! Surface chemistry? I love it!!! This is the most exciting program I have ever participated in! Triple-fun!
So, last week went under the sign of ellipsometry. We made a lot of measurements using the ellipsometer. It seems that we have mastered the art of measuring thickness, given the index of refraction. Our measurements were lower than it was expected, but they were our actual results, and they were consistent with each other. It means that the thickness of MUA layers was greater than the thickness of MUA+MBA layers. And I am not going to decipher the MUA/MBA acronyms for you! Google it for extra-credit. 3 extra-credit points valid for the next test if correctly deciphered. Diagrams will be helpful.
I loved ellipsometry so much that I even dedicated my homework assignment to it. Watch it if you dare!
My super ellipsometry movie!
Guess what, this week we are going to expand our knowledge of ellipsometry to learning how to measure optical constants of a material. Stay tuned!


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